Mixing is Not a Crime #2

Mixing is Not a Crime #2


Our last post showed how rum and soda got a bad rep due to the practice of using cheap soda, bad rum and stale garnishes. Cue our top tips for mixing: 1. Use a good soda 2. Use a fresh garnish and good ice 3. Use a quality rum with flavours that will come through a mixer.


With these tips in mind behold our perfect serves for each Burning Barn Rum.


Smoked Rum and Ginger Ale. The Dark and Smoky. This is an absolute favourite here at Burning Barn and works at any time of year. The dark smoky notes and warming ginger are perfect for autumn and winter but the bright zesty lime and rum make it equally perfect as a summer serve. Use a ginger ale for a more rum forward serve or a fiery ginger beer for that warming hit, both work in perfect harmony with the smoky flavours in the rum. Serve in a highball with lots of cubed ice and a generous wedge of lime. We recommend an independently made soda with heaps of natural flavours; Gingerella, Square Root and Fever Tree are all great!


Spiced Rum and Cola. Rum and coke has a bit of a bad rep, but trust us, this version shows how great it can be. Our Spiced Rum is packed full of warming ginger and chilli, aromatic all spice, vanilla and coconut. Combined with a good cola it elevates this much maligned serve to true greatness. The caramel and herbal notes of the cola combine brilliantly with the fiery ginger and aromatics in our rum to make a game changer of a drink. The difference is we designed our spiced rum to be mixed. Instead of getting lost in the sweetness of the cola our punchy authentic flavours shine through and compliment the mixer. Serve in a highball with lots of cubed ice and a generous slice of orange. We love to serve our Spiced Rum with Karma Kola – great values and a delicious soda that pairs perfectly with Burning Barn Spiced.


Honey Rum and Lemonade. Summer in a glass. Sometimes, very rarely, things work perfectly first time around. This was the case with our Honey Rum and Lemonade. An age old combo; the heady floral notes from the English honey we use in our Rum combine amazingly with a tangy zesty lemonade for the perfect summer quencher. The lemonade must be cloudy with a high juice content (we like Square Root,San Pellegrino or KK Lemony Lemonade), any glass will do, loads of ice and a thick slice of Sicilian lemon. Unbelievably good.



What makes Burning Barn Rums different is the massive load of real flavour we pack into our spirits. Burning Barn Rums are designed to be mixed and compliment your favourite soda. So whether it’s whole roasted spices, apple wood smoke or blossom honey, if only ¼ of your drink is the bit you’re paying for – taste it.

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