Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers


We like to think that operations here at Burning Barn run like a well- oiled machine. There’s rum pouring a plenty, a continuous waft of roasting spices and the almost constant pitter-patter of our dog Freja, Burning Barn’s Chief Ambassador, famous for her therapeutic and energy-boosting powers. Despite the calm exterior, behind the scenes there are two rum-fanatics beavering away and this month we’re turning the spotlight away from the usual frivolities to learn a little more about the minds behind Burning Barn Rum.

Introducing Katherine and Harry Jenner, the founders of Burning Barn. Many people will be familiar with the story behind Burning Barn’s inception (check out Our Story) but we want to delve a little deeper.

So, the golden question, why Rum?

Katherine: "It really came out of frustration at the spiced rum on offer when we started 2 years ago. Walk into any pub or bar as a rum drinker and you are confronted by a vast array of craft gin and beer made with authentic innovative ingredients by small companies you feel good about supporting. Our experience was that majority of spiced rum is synthetically flavoured and made by anonymous corporations. We wanted to change that."

What was the thinking behind the latest variant, Honey and Rum?

Katherine: "We were at a festival and a customer asked if we do a honey rum. It was a real light bulb moment as we have had always beehives on our farm so as soon as we got home, we blended some aged rum with our orchard honey and it was an instant showstopper. 

We’ve been so happy with how it has been received. The added bonus is that it has balanced out our range perfectly; our smoked and spiced pack a real punch and we love that we now have an option for people with a sweeter tooth who might not have otherwise found Burning Barn."

The Rum has been a huge success nationally, can you see yourself expanding internationally?

Harry: "We are proud to be a British brand and our first priority will always be to spread the Burning Barn word in the UK. However, despite our British identity we our also an essentially international business. We distill on site but currently the majority of our products are made with rum and spices that we import from around the world and we have been chuffed to receive interest for our products from Europe and further afield."

Tell us more about new campaign for 2020; Mixing Is Not a Crime.

Harry: "By far the most popular way of consuming rum is with a mixer but we’ve noticed that there’s an element of snobbery around good honest folk asking for a rum and cola. Our theory is that the reason that drinking spiced rum with a mixer has a bad rep is down to the practice of mixing cheap soda with synthetic mass-produced spiced rum."

Katherine: "What makes Burning Barn rum different is that we use authentic whole ingredients to create delicious bold flavours specifically designed to shine through a mixer. Mixing Is Not a Crime will pair Burning Barn Rums with great a selection of sodas to champion a brilliant way to enjoy your rum."

And finally, a lot of Burning Barn’s following is for the Rum but there’s also a big love for Freja, how does she fit into the Burning Barn family?

Katherine: "Freja’s our working cocker spaniel, to be honest the last thing she needs is more attention as she already sees herself as the Beyoncé Knowles of the canine world."

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