The Master Mixologists

The Master Mixologists


As self-professed rum addicts we’ve been experimenting with new cocktails and flavours way before the inception of Burning Barn Rum, now the proud owners of our own hand-crafted rum company we’re been able to justify our cocktail experimentation as ‘market research’ and dreaming up new flavour combinations has become a full time hobby.

Whilst we think we’ve come up with a fair few stunners (check out our Cocktails), the greatest pleasure of all is when we get to try cocktails made by those who have got their hands on a bottle of Burning Barn Rum and taken things to a whole new level. As an ode to this fantastic craftsmanship we wanted to showcase a selection of our favourite cocktails from over the years.

Scottish Mixology (@scottishmixology)

Our favourite Glasgow-based mixologist, Jack has a serious Instagram following and it’s not hard to see why. His flavour combinations are SUPERB, these are your go-to cocktails if you’re looking to really impress and whilst they may require some ingredients you might not find in the store cupboard they are certainly worth going the extra mile for.

This is one for those in possession of a bottle of our Honey and Rum Liqueur, aptly named Moonshine it's a variation of a Vieux Carré. Instead of whiskey and cognac, Jack opted for a split between Sweet Potato moonshine with big vanilla and stone fruit notes and a 10yo Peaty Islay Whisky. Vermouth is swapped for a sweet Hungarian option and instead of benedictine, our Honey and Rum, made from Guyanese demerara rum and English honey. Sure it’s less herbal than the original but ooft, is it tasty.
40ml @sweetpotatospiritscompany Sweet Potato Moonshine 
30ml @characterofislay 10yo Islay Single malt 
30ml @lidlgb tokaji
15ml @burningbarnrum Honey & Rum Liqueur
3 dashes @thedispensarybar Ginger bitters
Smoked with cherrywood.

The Cocktail Chap (@cocktailchap)

In one of our favourite of Matt’s recipes he’s taken a regular Negroni and gone to town. Matt swapped out the gin for our Smoked Rum and swapped out Campari for Cynar and used Carpano Antica Formula for the vermouth, both of which help that smokiness come through a little more. This is a fantastic cocktail for the autumn months ahead and with just three ingredients can be whipped up in minutes.

30ml Burning Barn Smoked Rum
30ml Cynar
30ml Carpano Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth

Stir all ingredients with ice and strain over a large ice cube. Garnish with orange zest.

Today’s Tipple (@todays_tipple)

Today’s Tipple is headed by the fantastic Joe Brayford and can boast one of the most aesthetically pleasing grids on Instagram. Joe works in the drinks industry as a photographer as well as a Cocktail Consultant, so it’s no surprise he’s has a deft hand for cocktail making too and he doesn’t do it by half measures. His Morphine cocktail is not one for the faint-hearted, but if you’re up for it you’re in for a real treat and it’s a brilliant opportunity to try both our Spiced and Honey rums.

50ml Burning Barn Spiced Rum
15ml Dark Navy Strength Rum
25ml Lime Juice
10ml Orgeat
10ml Burning Barn Honey and Rum
Dash Clove/Ginger Tincture

Shake these ingredients well and double strain over a large cube of ice.
Float 15ml Smoked Rum on top with a few drops of Angostura.
Garnish with a dried lime wheel.

The Amateur Mixologist (@theamateurmixologist)

This genius is far from amateur and has a serious eye for putting together the most sumptuous looking cocktails. Whilst we've yet to achieve quite such polished perfection visually, it certainly tastes smashing.

25ml Burning Barn Spiced Rum
25ml @monkey47_dry_ginsloe gin
25ml green chartreuse
25ml fresh lime juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into coupé glass. Garnish with clear iceberg.

So there you have a small (but certainly strong) collection of a few of our top cocktails made by some truly fantastic mixologists. When you're as rum-obsessed as us it’s a true pleasure to find a fellow rum lover come up with new recipes and even more brilliant when those recipes turn out to be absolutely bloomin' fabulous.
If you've come up with your own cocktail creation then we'd love you to share it with us, we'll hand on heart give anything a go and if it's a winner we'll be sure to feature it across our social media. 

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