Go Outside. Do Cool Stuff. Reward Yourself - U.K Edition

Go Outside. Do Cool Stuff. Reward Yourself - U.K Edition


Life after lockdown may seem quite a world away from the Summer many of us had planned, and with overseas travel somewhat curtailed many of us are looking to the humble staycation. Whilst we can't guarantee the heat of the Spanish sun, we can most certainty inject a bit of adventure into your UK break. We're covering some of our favourite activities up and down the UK, and given we've been blessed with some cracking coastlines and spectacular rural regions it might just be the adventure you needed was right under your nose.

Coastal Cycling around Kent

One of our favourite coastal cycle routes, The Viking Coastal Trail, is a 32 mile (51.4km) circular route on the Isle of Thanet, passing through gorgeous Kentish coastal towns along the way. En route you'll pass Kent's most established surfing school at Joss Bay as well as Minnis Bay which is brilliant for sailing, windsurfing and canoeing. If you've got the energy post cycle we certainly recommend heading back to Joss Bay to catch some waves. Alternatively and just as acceptable, fill your flask with a tipple of Spiced Burning Barn Rum and Karma Cola and sit back and watch the hardcore surfers from the comfort of the sand - if you're looking to go the whole nine yards, bring the picnic hamper along and enjoy a well earned picnic on the beach.

A dip in the Wild

Whilst you might occasionally find us down the lido, our preferred swimming spots tend to be a tad more wild. Wild swimming has really taken off in the last few years, as both a fantastic way to explore the outdoors and a sure-fire way to cool off. For those Birmingham based, we'd recommend heading over to Dotshill Quarry Lake,  a former granite quarry that was flooded with fresh spring water from 150 feet underground and boasts magnesium rich water, 5000 times purer than UK standards for tap water - it doesn't get fresher than that.

After a hearty swim, dry off by the side of the lake and reward yourself with a refreshing Summer Serve. To compliment the summer rays, we’d recommend a tipple of liquid gold in a bottle. Take 1-part Honey and Rum to 4-parts cloudy lemonade and if you want to push the boat out add a sprig of mint.

Looking for wild swimming spots near you, check out this fantastic guide to the best spots around the UK, wildswimming.co.uk.

The Not So Humble Log Cabin

If you're looking to escape the city and get into nature, then the rise of the humble wooden lodge into a new era of luxury wooden cabins fitted with wood-burning stove and hot tub is going to be right up your street. And it gets even better as from extensive research we've concluded that Burning Barn is best enjoyed in wood fired hot tubs, around campfires and in remote cabins in the wilderness. Check out @cabinfolk & @jackboothby if you don’t believe us and for all your luxury cabin needs head on over to Canopy and Stars.

And if you find yourself in a fantastic little cabin, lounging by the fire pit with a bottle of Burning Barn Rum in hand be sure to take a snap - we love seeing the adventures our bottles find themselves on.

A Night Under a Trillion Stars 

If roadtripping around the Isle of Skye is more your cup of tea, but you’re not one for waking up to find your tent has caved in overnight, then we’ve got just the thing –the Trillion Star Hotel. Our friends over at Wolfie Adventures have put together the most fantastic experience, a 3 day tour of some of the most spectacular parts of Scotland, off the beaten path and fully self guided in your very own Jeep Wrangler.

Their custom-built Jeep can conquer hills, traverse streams and make light work of mud and snow. With its pop-up roof and all the creature comforts of home, like a 20 tog duvet, Egyptian cotton sheets, furs, hot water bottles, champagne glasses and portable stove, one might be mistaken for thinking they were being treated to a night at the Ritz.

So there you have it, a whistlestop tour of a few cracking things to do around the wonderful British Isle we get to call home. We can't guarantee the weather, and we most certainly can't guarantee you won't be off to the Côte d'Azur at the drop of a hat as soon as you get the opportunity. But if we've been able to have a humble brag about the place we call home and shed some light on how many great adventures there are to be had on own very own Isles, then we'll raise our glass to that. As ever Go Outside, Do Cool Stuff and Reward Yourself, because by golly we've really earned it this year.

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