Spotlight: The Rise of Craft Rum

Spotlight: The Rise of Craft Rum


This month we’re shining the spotlight on the rise of Craft Rum. The craft movement is not a fad, rather it's a recognition of the value that more and more of us are placing on sourcing, ingredients and innovative production methods.

Reminiscent of the craft beer surge, the demand for craft rum has been fuelled largely by the younger generation with 80% of 25-34 year old’s regularly enjoying the tipple. And whilst millennials are known for drinking less than their parent’s generation, their expectations of the quality of the rum they drink has risen.

No longer a cheap and cheerful option, rum is increasingly being seen as the premium drink of choice, with consumers interested in the individual flavor profiles and serve options. The rise of popularity in sipping rums highlights this trend, with consumers enjoying rums without feeling the need to add mixers.

Whilst gin has experienced a well-deserved boom the rum industry has remained stale over the years, with the same five or six rum brands present on every drinks menu. However, the gin bubble may be about to burst and according to Bloomberg rum will be the likely beneficiary.

Our Craft Rum Journey

Motivated by the disaster of our barn burning down in 2015 we set about creating a true craft offering for Rum drinkers to challenge the mass produced, artificially flavored options already available. In a sea of synthetically flavored sweet spiced rum, we wanted to give rum drinkers an alternative made of real ingredients, by hand. For our Spiced Rum we use whole ginger, chili, allspice, vanilla pods and coconut to create an amazingly aromatic flavor with a fiery finish.

For our Smoked Rum we harvest, chip and season locally-grown apple wood then smoke it in our old apple juice tank. This combination is a match made in heaven, with the apple wood lending a moorish smoked tone to the sweet base of the dark rum.

And finally, our Honey and Rum, or as it’s often called: liquid gold in a bottle. We’ve had bee hives on the farm ever since we can remember, so blending clear English honey with golden rum was a winner from the start.

We enjoy our rums neat or on the rocks, but they’re also incredible in cocktails where they add an extraordinary depth of flavor.

There’s no need to compromise on craft because you’re a rum drinker, join us on our journey by following us on our social media channels: @burningbarnrum #burningbarnrum.


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