Garnishes, The Telegraph, and a certain kind of hammock

Garnishes, The Telegraph, and a certain kind of hammock


This week, we’re attending The Telegraph Cocktail Experience in London to showcase our rums and their versatility.

ticking with the cocktail theme on the blog today, we thought we’d chat about jazzing up your home cocktails with the perfect garnish. Making cocktails at home for friends is a great way to show off your home bar (even if it’s just a cupboard of booze!) and impress your guests with your cocktail shaking skills. To make them look as good as they taste, and give your local mixologist a run for his money, adding a snazzy garnish can make all the difference. Garnishes are used to enhance existing flavours. Here’s a list of which classic garnishes to use for different types of drinks, but you can also experiment with other types of citrus fruits, herbs and spices to add a little sumin’ sumin’ to your homemade cocktails!


Lime is perfect for fresh, zingy drinks like rum and ginger ale or ginger beer. They can also be used to contrast sweeter drinks like rum and cola.



Pineapple is a great garnish for rum drinks due to rum’s caribbean origin. Perfect for fruity cocktails like a Pina Colada.


Lemon slices are typically used for darker drinks like a Long Island Iced Tea or an Old Fashioned, but they pop up for clear drinks like martinis too. Much like lime, they can also be used to contrast with sweeter drinks like rum and cola.


Like lime and lemon are used to cut through sweet drinks, cherries can be used to contrast with sour drinks such as a rum sour.


Using a twist of the peel of citrus fruit expresses the citrus oil into the drink rather than the juice. This is mostly used for decoration and means the juice won’t dilute your cocktail.

if you want to see the king of garnishes do his thing, check out @THEAMATEURMIXOLOGIST On Instagram. He does incredible thing with balancing fruit, flora, fauna, foliage and full on sculptures! He’s done 3 insane cocktails with our rums:



and our personal fave, for the name alone, “HAMMOCK”

Feeling inspired head over to our COCKTAIL RECIPES PAGE and try a few of them out!

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