Here at BBR, we have a clear passion for all things rum. We thought we’d give you some insight into our personal favourites - our go-to rum drinks that fuel our enthusiasm for this tasty tipple.


“My favourite way to drink BBR is as a beer chaser - after a fruity IPA like Wild Peer “Pogo” or Wiper & True “Kaleidoscope”. I love craft beer and these West Country breweries are an incredible combination of innovation and style. Their fruitier expressions go amazingly with the intense Smoked rum - enjoyed best after a long day working for the king’s shilling or whilst watching Bristol Rugby tear through the Premiership this season.”


“Burning Barn Smoked rum with ginger ale and fresh lime is so simple yet so delicious. Harry is the cook in our family and I love nothing more than perching at our kitchen table with an R&G in hand as my pre-dinner tipple.”

There’s a lot of mileage in this long drink as an alternative to the G&T. Despite the huge popularity of gin in the last few years, there are still those who find it bitter. The R&G with BBR Smoked is warming, sweet and smoky with a refreshing burst of lime. You could be the next convert!


“I love a refreshing dark rum mojito with lots of mint and crushed ice. This drink makes me think of beach holidays, relaxing on a sunlounger with a cool cocktail. It’s my go-to cocktail order when I’m out with my friends for drinks.”

You can easily make this drink yourself with our;

BBR Spiced rum.

50ml Spiced rum

2 tsp brown sugar

8 mint leaves

25ml lime juice 

Soda water - about 100ml but change depending on preference.

Just mix the lime juice and sugar with the mint, in a glass, until the leaves are bruised. Add the rum with some ice and top with soda water. Delicious!

What’s your favourite way to enjoy BBR?

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