Best Alcohol Inspired Gifts This Christmas

Best Alcohol Inspired Gifts This Christmas


As Christmas approaches, we are all going to start our Christmas Shopping. Below are some of the best Alcohol Inspired Gifts on the market for 2019. 

1. Tweed Stainless Steel Flask 

We live by the motto of ‘Go Outside, Do Cool Stuff, Reward Yourself’, and with this small flask it’s never been easier! What better way to reward yourself from a day of being outside, than having a small tipple with you to enjoy.

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2. Compact Ice Box 

If you’re planning to go out and about this festive season, or if you know somebody that like the great outdoors - you will know that alcohol doesn’t stay cool on it’;s own! Invest in a compact ice box - perfect for camping and easier to carry whilst on walks. The added shoulder strap of this cooler box from Decathlon means that the bag will be comfortable to carry, whilst being able to be deflated easily after use - perfect for compact storage! 

Silver and green cool bag for food and drink

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3. Diamond Glass Set 

These glasses ooze sophistication and innovation, and will surely impress your guests. Created to look like diamonds, these glasses stand at an angle with allows you to rotate the glass in any way you choose. These sophisticated glasses also reflect light - making your drink even more inviting! 

Pair of diamond shaped glasses filled with whiskey drink

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4. Whiskey Stones 

Nobody likes warm whiskey, but similarly ice cube watered down whiskey isn’t great either. The solution? Whiskey Stones that retain their coldness to keep your drink cooler for longer! This pack of 9 stones is a perfect gift for loved ones, and can be refrozen over and over again. 

Black bag with grey whiskey ice stones

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5. Rum Chocolate Truffles 

As big Rum fans, mixing that with chocolate sounds like the ultimate dream! These decadent truffles are layered with caramel cream with rum, sealed with milk chocolate. We can guarantee that everybody would love these as a gift! 

Rum infused chocolate truffles

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6. Rum, The Manual 

Know any rum lovers out there? This book was made for them - it tells you all about the various types of rums and how to enjoy them. It even includes sections on rum cocktails, which is perfect for this festive time of year. 

Rum brown manual book

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7. Cocktail Mixing Set

This premium cocktail shaker set is the perfect gift for any alcohol lover, to help them to learn to make delicious drinks and show off to friends and family. What’s more, this set also comes in a luxurious gift box, making it ideal for both beginners and professional bartenders. 

Silver cocktail shaker mix set with black gift box

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8. Rum Gift Box

And lastly, we couldn’t forget our Rum Gift Box - the perfect gift for all rum lovers! It comes with three delicious rums in 1x5cl measures, and is a great gift for all loved ones. 

Gift set of rum with three small bottles on top of box

There’s a roundup of our favourite alcohol inspired gifts that anybody would be happy to receive this Christmas! Have we inspired you? Tag us on Instagram in your photos @burningbarnrum

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