As our brand is inspired by the fire that burnt down our family farm, the memory of the fire is also reflected in the flavours of our rum. We’ve always been passionate about rum, but felt that the existing spiced rums on the market were universally sweetened with a vanilla base. While these are delicious, and there is absolutely a place for these, we wanted to provide that point of different by creating a truly spicy Spiced rum.

Walk into any bar or pub as a beer or gin drinker and you can find an array of amazing, small batch drinks; booze that has been created by cool people, with passion and quality ingredients.

We believe that you shouldn't have to compromise on those elements because you're a Spiced rum drinker. Using only the finest spices, no artificial additives or flavourings, we infuse our rum with allspice, chilli, coconut, vanilla and ginger. All these whole spices are hand-roasted in copper vessels on site, producing a punchy, true spiced rum.

We chose these spices through a process of trial and error - we worked tirelessly to achieve the perfect balance of warming ginger, toasted coconut, fiery chilli and sweet vanilla.

Luckily, co-founder Harry is a keen cook and has a good understanding of flavours, helping us craft the perfect taste for our rum.

Now autumn is fast approaching, a bottle of Spiced Rum that is actually spicy will be sure to keep you warmed up on those cold nights. Perfect with ginger ale, cola, in a cocktail or by itself with a little ice.


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