With the rising interest in craft spirits, food pairings with popular tipples like gin- nicknamed ginstronomy- are making a name for themself. Now rum sales are reaching new heights, it’s high time food pairings with rum became more well-known. Rum and Sugar, a Canary Wharf based restaurant have been matching rum cocktails to their menu for years. So why not whip out your rum collection and host a rum themed dinner party with some of these magical food matches?

Dark Chocolate.

Good quality dark chocolate brings out the fruity flavours of our Smoked rum, and complements the different spices in our Spiced rum. Chilli chocolate is a match made in heaven, so our Spiced rum with a chilli hit is perfect with this tasty treat.


We met madefordrink at The Spirit Show last year. They make Patacones - plantain chips seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli and a blend of traditional spices, making them the perfect snack to munch along with a cool glass of one of our Rums. They’re vegan too, so suitable for everyone!

Jerk Chicken.

As rum is native to the Caribbean, many Caribbean dishes can complement different types of rum. The spiciness of jerk chicken pairs well with a cool glass of our Smoked rum, or if you really love to tingle your taste buds, try our Spiced rum.

Candied nuts.

The spices of the rum pair well with the nutty flavour of this snack, which is only improved by the sweet coating that highlights the rum’s sugarcane origins.

Fresh fruit.

The sweetness of fruit like mango and pineapple pair well with the Spiced rum, refreshing you after this spicy tipple.

Bonnie Sauce Co.

Try adding rum to a marinade with any sauce from Bonnie Sauce co. Perfect for any meat or tofu.

There are a wide range of foods you can enjoy with BBR for any kind of day you’re having. Why not try some out yourself and let us know what your favourites are?

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