National Rum Day

National Rum Day


There are nearly 1,500 recorded National Days, from National Barbequed Spareribs Day to National Hug your Hound Day, but it’s National Rum Day that holds a special place in our heart - if we had our way, we’d make it a National Holiday. As you well know, we’re not ones to shy away from sharing this love, so without further ado here’s three ways you can get involved in spreading the rum love.

#1 Convert a Non-Rum Drinker

What better way to spread the rum love than to share its delights with others. We’ve been steadfast rum lovers since they day we were born but we’re always looking to get rum converts on the bandwagon. A resolute gin lover, why not try a close alternative to a G&T with a Spiced Rum and Sekforde Mixer 

50ml Spiced Rum

Sekforde Light and Spiced Rum Mixer

Plenty of lime juice and a sprig of mint

Or if you want to get more creative whip up one of our favourite Summer Serves which are sure to impress even the most ardent rum critic. If all that fails then tickle their taste buds with a tipple of our Honey and Rum, coming in at 29% and made of just pure honey and golden rum from Guyana.

This one’s a showstopper and the perfect introduction into the world of rum. Mix with cloudy lemonade and serve over plenty of ice. Liquid Gold in a bottle!

#2 Create your own Rum Cocktail

The glory of cocktail creation is that the opportunities are endless (within reason – Prairie Oyster Cocktail we’re looking at you). We recommend starting with variants of classic cocktails and experimenting from there, why not try substituting white rum with Burning Barn Honey Rum for a twist on a traditional mojito. 

From there you can experiment with adding purees and juices. You might even be surprised to find that you already have some exotic cocktail ingredients in your house such as: coconut water, aloe vera, egg white, lemon peel, basil leaves or espresso. Be sure not to forget the garnish.

Why not check out some of our favorite Mixologists on Instagram for inspiration:





#3 Set off on a Rum Adventure

Here at Burning Barn we live by our motto: ‘Go Outside, Do Cool Stuff, Reward Yourself’ and with National Rum Day falling on a Friday it’s the perfect excuse to set off on a weekend adventure full of rum and merriment.

A weekend camping comes to mind, pitching up at a site near the beach and spending the day surfing/ kitesurfing/ relaxing in the sun. If you’re partial to a bit more luxury why not check out our friends over at Wolfie Adventures  for a bespoke adventure trip in Scotland, spending a night under the stars.

If you fancy staying closer to home then why check out your local wild swimming spot, as a surefire way to cool off in the heat. No matter what adventures you get up to be sure to reward yourself with a tipple of Burning Barn Rum and a good pat on the back.

Be sure to share your National Rum Day adventures with us @burningbarnrum #burningbarnrum

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