Explore your Local: Wild Swimming

Explore your Local: Wild Swimming


Here at Burning Barn we’ve got a special Manifesto we like to live by:

Go Outside, Do Cool Stuff, Reward Yourself.

In the winter months you’ll find us enjoying something warming in a Bothy after a Highland adventure or tasting our first Gluwein after a hard day on the slopes. But this summer we’ve taken to combing our love of the outdoors with a sure-fire way to cool off: Wild Swimming.

Given our Birmingham roots we’ve taken to frequenting Dosthill Quarry Lake for a good old splash about. The site was a former granite quarry that was flooded with fresh spring water from 150 feet underground in 1934 and is the perfect place to cool off during the summer. The lake is known for its clean, clear and magnesium rich water which is said to be 5000 times purer than the UK standards for tap water.

Impress your pals with several laps of the 400-metre course or have a good old doggy paddle in the shallows, we’re not fussy. After a hearty swim we recommend you dry off by the side of the lake and reward yourself with a refreshing Summer Serve. To compliment the summer rays, we’d recommend a tipple of liquid gold in a bottle. Take 1-part Honey and Rum to 4-parts cloudy lemonade and if you want to push the boat out add a sprig of mint.

If you’re more partial to our Spiced Rum, then swap out the cloudy lemonade for some old-fashioned Cola and lay back knowing you’ve earned this drink, and several more. Ay caramba, we’re in heaven.

Not a Brummie born and bred? Fear not, you can find your perfect wild swimming spot over at wildswimming.co.uk

Happy swimming all and don’t forget to tag us in your Burning Barn adventures, we love seeing what you get up to @burningbarnrum #burningbarnrum

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