*Super Limited Edition* Brandy Barrel Finished Coffee Rum

40%, 70cl
Super Limited Edition Brandy Barrel Finished Coffee Rum, 40%, 70cl
Aged rum blended with Ethiopian coffee from Quarter Horse Coffee Roasters.
Finished in recently emptied VSOP brandy barrels.

Our third Limited Edition is a collaboration with Quarter Horse Coffee. We have taken their stunning  Roan coffee and blended it with a special combination of Burning Barn aged rums. Finished in a recently disgorged VSOP Brandy barrel this ain’t your average coffee liqueur.

10% of the profits from this bottle will go to Voices of Children who provide psychological support to Ukrainian children affected by the ongoing conflict. 

Tasting Notes:
Blueberry jam, Dark berries and a huge dollop of cacao from the coffee, deep brandied goodness and orange peel spice from the barrel colliding with toffee, molasses and banana esters in the rum.
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