Ingenious Ways to reuse you Burning Barn Rum Bottle

Ingenious Ways to reuse you Burning Barn Rum Bottle


We’re in no doubt: the best thing about a bottle of Burning Barn Rum is the Rum. But once the rum runs dry after the festive period and we embark on a dry January, we believe our bottle still has a little bit more to give. Recycling is great, but with such a thing of beauty it seems a shame for it to continue its life as a Branston Pickle Jar, instead we suggest you while away the cold January evenings by getting creative with your old bottle. So, without further ado here’s three fantastic ways to give your old BB bottle a new lease of life.

Fairy Light Bottle:

This one is sweet and simple but makes for a gorgeous house decoration or a homemade present. Warm white lights suit all interiors, but you can also experiment with seasonal colours.

Flower Vase:

Some enjoy their rum whilst they garden, some, as a much-deserved reward once the gardening is done. We personally enjoy the former, however no matter your preference, reusing your BBR bottle as a flower vase is a sure-fire way to combine your love of the two.

Select a stunning array of flowers and remove any extra leaves to create clean stems. Measure your flowers to the bottle (we recommend stems about 12cm) and cut to size. Be sure to cut diagonally along the stem to ensure maximum water uptake. Fill your bottle up half way and add plant food, stirring until it has been dissolved. Add you flower selection and change the water every three days to keep those beauties blooming.

Candle Holder:

Another super simple option is to turn your bottle into a gorgeous candle holder, which works perfectly as a table decoration. We love using red and gold candles during the winter months but come summer swap them out for citronella candles to create the perfect accompaniment to your summer evening drinks.

BBR bottle with lit candle in neck

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