Perfect Serves



burning barn iced tea

Double rum fun. An extra boozy favourite, using both of our rums. 

15ml BBR Spiced rum 
15ml BBR Smoked rum 
15ml TOAD vodka 
15ml tequila 
15ml triple sec 
Top with cola 

Free pour extravagantly into a highball with lots of ice. 
Float the cola and add a big wedge of lemon. 
Don't underestimate yourself!  


Smoky sour

Velvety. Sweet. Sour. Smoky. Fresh. So simple yet so complex - as good as cocktails get.  

60ml BBR Smoked rum 
30ml fresh lime juice 
30ml fresh lemon juice 
15ml sugar syrup 
15ml egg white 

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled tumbler.

Spiced Apple Cooler (4).jpg

Spiced Apple Cooler

A spicy Rapple which absolutely counts as one of your five-a-day. 

35ml BBR Spiced rum
Splash of ginger syrup
Top with Appletiser
Squeeze of lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a short glass over ice.

Smoked Mary 4.jpg

Smoky mary

Adding smoke to this classic is a game changer. It's the perfect twist on an old time favourite. You'll never look back.

2 parts BBR Smoked rum
4 parts tomato juice
1/2 part fresh lime juice
4 dashes of Worcester sauce
4 dashes Tabasco (or to taste)
Twist of black pepper
Garnish? Go big or go home

Mix all the ingredients together, serve over ice and wait for the lip smacking to commence. 

Spiced summer cup

Spice up your glass this summer with the BBR Spiced Summer Cup. Refreshing, with that unique chilli kick - this is the perfect partner to your sunlounger. 

35ml BBR Spiced Rum
1 part ginger ale
1 part lemonade
Dash of elderflower cordial

Mix all the ingredients together and serve in a copa with fresh strawberries, cucumber and plenty of ice.
Summer Cup 2.jpg


Smoked Old Fashioned

The classic Old Fashioned is a true favourite here at BBR. A simple and incredibly delicious short drink. So of course we tried it with our unique Smoked rum. The results are pretty mind blowing.

50ml BBR Smoked Rum
10ml simple syrup
Dash of bitters 

Stir with ice
Strain over a single large ice cube
Garnish with pink grapefruit peel, expressed over the glass to release the aromatic oils.


We love using all natural ingredients in our drinks so all of the non-alcoholic elements of this one come from the farm. Fresh blackcurrants, honey from Granny's bees and an organic egg from our chickens. Tangy and delicious.

50ml BBR Spiced Rum
75ml blackcurrant coulis
1 egg white
1 tsp runny honey
Dash of bitters

Shake well using a cocktail shaker and strain into a chilled martini glass.
Garnish with fresh mint.


Dark n' Smoky

Simple yet spectacular. The R&G.

50ml BBR Smoked Rum
Fresh lime juice
Plenty of ice
Ginger beer to taste

Mix all ingredients together and serve in a tall glass.
Garnish with fresh or charred lime as desired.

Picante Colada

The quintessential rum cocktail with an added kick. Our Spiced Rum has real heat in it and this take on a Pina Colada allows that to shine through. 

40ml BBR Spiced Rum
40ml coconut milk
60ml pineapple juice
Juice of 1/4 fresh lime
Dash of vanilla bitters

Shake all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice. 
Strain over ice into a tall glass and garnish with fresh lime and chilli.