The Spirit Show

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We’re excited to announce that we will be returning to The Spirit Show in London this month. It is being held in the Business Design Centre in London on the 22nd and 23rd of November.

We had such a great time last year and were able to meet some other fantastic brands like Made for Drink and Bitter Union, so we can’t wait to see what this year brings!

If you haven’t tried our rums yet this is the perfect opportunity to meet us and try our rum before you buy. We’re looking forward to meeting people who are just as enthusiastic about artisanal spirits as us. You will be able to buy direct from the stand so it’s the perfect opportunity to get ahead with your Christmas shopping.

We hope to be seeing you there! Get your tickets here.

Bonfire Night

It’s November and nearly time to "Remember, remember the 5th of November". 
We love Bonfire Night here at Burning Barn. A particular fondness for fireworks combined with a family business making Toffee Apples means this is a busy time of year for us! 
As well as hand-crafting the first UK Smoked Rum, the perfect drink for this time of year, our family are fruit growers and have been producing traditional toffee apples for the last 20 years.
It’s this business which was burnt down in the fire in 2015, and the re-building of it from scratch which was the primary inspiration for starting Burning Barn.
Whether you’re putting together a fireworks display in your garden, visiting friends, or going to your local display, why not share some drinks with a smoky twist. Even if you stay cosy indoors, the mix of smoked apple wood and burnt treacle will bring the bonfire to you. 
When you’re wrapped up in coats, scarves, and gloves, our Spiced rum’s smooth chilli kick will warm you up in no time. It’s perfect with ginger ale or coke, or you can either add a dash to your hot chocolate to really keep you toasty. Just make your perfect hot chocolate and stir in as much rum as you like!

Or if you’re looking to impress guests, here’s the perfect recipe for the best Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate you have ever tasted:

Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate

Makes 4 mugs


4 tsp Cocoa Powder
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
100 g Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa content)
500 ml Milk 
Brown Sugar/Honey to taste
100ml Rum (NOT optional)
Marshmallows (optional)


Pour the milk into a sauce pan and bring to the boil.
Reduce the heat, add the chocolate and cinnamon. 
Stir constantly until the chocolate is melted. 
Add cocoa powder, sugar and rum. Simmer for a further minute or two before turning of the heat.
Pour into mugs and top with an indecent amount of marshmallows/whipped cream/chocolate sauce…

Garnishes, The Telegraph and a certain kind of hammock

This week, we’re attending The Telegraph Cocktail Experience in London to showcase our rums and their versatility.
Sticking with the cocktail theme on the blog today, we thought we’d chat about jazzing up your home cocktails with the perfect garnish.
Making cocktails at home for friends is a great way to show off your home bar (even if it’s just a cupboard of booze!) and impress your guests with your cocktail shaking skills. 
To make them look as good as they taste, and give your local mixologist a run for his money, adding a snazzy garnish can make all the difference.
Garnishes are used to enhance existing flavours. Here’s a list of which classic garnishes to use for different types of drinks, but you can also experiment with other types of citrus fruits, herbs and spices to add a little sumin’ sumin’ to your homemade cocktails!


Lime is perfect for fresh, zingy drinks like rum and ginger ale or ginger beer. They can also be used to contrast sweeter drinks like rum and cola.


Pineapple is a great garnish for rum drinks due to rum’s caribbean origin. Perfect for fruity cocktails like a Pina Colada.


Lemon slices are typically used for darker drinks like a Long Island Iced Tea or an Old Fashioned, but they pop up for clear drinks like martinis too. Much like lime, they can also be used to contrast with sweeter drinks like rum and cola.


Like lime and lemon are used to cut through sweet drinks, cherries can be used to contrast with sour drinks such as a rum sour.


Using a twist of the peel of citrus fruit expresses the citrus oil into the drink rather than the juice. This is mostly used for decoration and means the juice won’t dilute your cocktail. 

If you want to see the King of Garnishes do his thing, check out @theamateurmixologist on Instagram. He does INCREDIBLE things with balancing fruit, flora, fauna, foliage and full on sculptures! He’s done 3 insane cocktails with our rums:

“Smoke and Ceremony”

“Nota Bene”

And our personal fave, for the name alone, “Hammock”

Feeling inspired? Head over to our cocktail recipes page and try a few out!

Favourite Ways to Drink Burning Barn

Here at BBR, we have a clear passion for all things rum. We thought we’d give you some insight into our personal favourites - our go-to rum drinks that fuel our enthusiasm for this tasty tipple.
“My favourite way to drink BBR is as a beer chaser - after a fruity IPA like Wild Peer “Pogo” or Wiper & True “Kaleidoscope”. I love craft beer and these West Country breweries are an incredible combination of innovation and style. Their fruitier expressions go amazingly with the intense Smoked rum - enjoyed best after a long day working for the king’s shilling or whilst watching Bristol Rugby tear through the Premiership this season.” 
“Burning Barn Smoked rum with ginger ale and fresh lime is so simple yet so delicious. Harry is the cook in our family and I love nothing more than perching at our kitchen table with an R&G in hand as my pre-dinner tipple.”
There’s a lot of mileage in this long drink as an alternative to the G&T. Despite the huge popularity of gin in the last few years, there are still those who find it bitter. 
The R&G with BBR Smoked is warming, sweet and smoky with a refreshing burst of lime. You could be the next convert!
“I love a refreshing dark rum mojito with lots of mint and crushed ice. This drink makes me think of beach holidays, relaxing on a sunlounger with a cool cocktail. It’s my go-to cocktail order when I’m out with my friends for drinks.”
You can easily make this drink yourself with our BBR Spiced rum.
50ml Spiced rum
2 tsp brown sugar
8 mint leaves
25ml lime juice
Soda water - about 100ml but change depending on preference. 
Just mix the lime juice and sugar with the mint, in a glass, until the leaves are bruised. Add the rum with some ice and top with soda water. Delicious!
What’s your favourite way to enjoy BBR?

3 Years later...

Three years ago, on the 26th September 2015, a tragedy occurred on the family farm. A huge fire erupted in the barn that housed the family business - after twenty years of building the business up, there was nothing left but a haze of smoke and embers. The column of black smoke soon filled the sky and led to the diversion of flights from Birmingham International Airport as it quickly blocked the flight path.
This disaster left our family with a choice - let go and give up, or rebuild and start again? We chose to rebuild, making our barn more efficient and better than ever, showing that with perseverance, something good can always be forged from a bad situation, inspiring our hashtag #forgedfromthefire.
Our family’s determination in the face of a catastrophe motivated us to start a business we were as passionate about. We’d always dreamt of running our own drinks business, testing out new flavours and making something original, and the fire finally pushed Katherine to quit her job and focus on creating what would become Burning Barn Rum.
By taking inspiration from the fire, we knew we wanted the name and logo to reflect our brands origin (look out for a future blog discussing the design process to create our handsome labels!).
Furthermore, the smoke that consumed our farm led us to create the UK’s first Smoked Rum, using apple wood from our orchard. These same trees were planted 30 years ago by Harry’s dad, but are no longer used commercially, so we have combined the memory of the fire with pieces of history to create something delicious. 
The complex flavour of our Spiced Rum echoes the heat of the fire itself, encouraging us to put a spicy twist on the usual spiced rums. 
Despite the struggle of rebuilding the family farm, the fire taught us about the importance of motivation and pushing yourself to do what you love, leading us to build a rum company that we can be passionate about every day!

Spotlight on...Smoked Rum

The fire that burnt down our family farm was a tragedy, but without it we would never have been inspired to create the first ever UK made Smoked Rum. By using apple wood, from trees planted 30 years go in our farm orchard, we cold-smoke our rum on site. The smoke blends with the rich dark rum to create an intense yet smooth, smoky flavour, with hints of apple and burnt treacle.
When we first decided to make a Smoked Rum, we’d never heard of another drink like it. During our trial period we found out about Stolen Smoked Rum, a brand from New Zealand. Rather than discouraging us, this only made us more excited to create the first UK brand, as we knew there would be genuine consumer interest. It took a lot of time to find the correct balance but the conviction that most smoked foods are bloody tasty spurred us on!
This dark rum is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before, reminiscent of log fires and candied apples. It’s perfect with ginger ale or exceptional in an Old Fashioned, putting an exciting twist on the drinks you thought you knew. Some of our fans who have been kind enough to leave a review have said: ‘This is absolutely beautiful. The smoking process adds an edge to be savoured to the flavour’ and ‘I really love this rum. The smoky taste is really interesting and reminds me a little of a smoky malt whisky!’. Well that’s a huge compliment if we ever heard one!
If you’ve never tried our Smoked rum before, make sure you pick up a bottle of Burning Barn. 

If you want to try before you buy, The Whisky Exchange have got samples of it here.

Upcoming Events

We have some really exciting events lined up for the coming months! Here at BBR, we are so passionate about our rum so we love meeting like-minded people that we can share our enthusiasm for this tasty tipple with. We love seeing people taste our Smoked and Spiced rum for the first time so make sure you come along. The details are all below; 

Rum Festival at The Packhorse, Mapledurham on September 15th

Rum and Reggae Evening with Caribbean BBQ and entertainment.  

Get tickets here.


Burning Barn Rum Tasting at The Lodge, Stourport on 12th October

Meet co-founder Katherine Jenner and hear the story behind the brand, our rums and taste them in some of our favourite serves. 

You can find more information about the event here.


Leeds Rum Festival on October 27th

October 27th-28th at Leeds Kirkgate Market. Includes masterclasses, street food and entertainment. All tasters, classes and seminars are free with the ticket.  

Buy tickets here.

If you’ve never tried Burning Barn Rum, or you’re a tried and tested fan, pick up your tickets today and we’ll see you there!

Delicious Foods to Complement our Rum

With the rising interest in craft spirits, food pairings with popular tipples like gin- nicknamed ginstronomy- are making a name for themself. Now rum sales are reaching new heights, it’s high time food pairings with rum became more well-known. Rum and Sugar, a Canary Wharf based restaurant have been matching rum cocktails to their menu for years. So why not whip out your rum collection and host a rum themed dinner party with some of these magical food matches?

  1. Dark Chocolate.
    Good quality dark chocolate brings out the fruity flavours of our Smoked rum, and complements the different spices in our Spiced rum. Chilli chocolate is a match made in heaven, so our Spiced rum with a chilli hit is perfect with this tasty treat.
  2. Plantain.
    We met madefordrink at The Spirit Show last year. They make Patacones - plantain chips seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli and a blend of traditional spices, making them the perfect snack to munch along with a cool glass of one of our Rums. They’re vegan too, so suitable for everyone!
  3. Jerk Chicken. 
    As rum is native to the Caribbean, many Caribbean dishes can complement different types of rum. The spiciness of jerk chicken pairs well with a cool glass of our Smoked rum, or if you really love to tingle your taste buds, try our Spiced rum. 
  4. Candied nuts.
    The spices of the rum pair well with the nutty flavour of this snack, which is only improved by the sweet coating that highlights the rum’s sugarcane origins.
  5. Fresh fruit.
    The sweetness of fruit like mango and pineapple pair well with the Spiced rum, refreshing you after this spicy tipple. 
  6. Bonnie Sauce Co.
    Try adding rum to a marinade with any sauce from Bonnie Sauce co. Perfect for any meat or tofu.
There are a wide range of foods you can enjoy with BBR for any kind of day you’re having. Why not try some out yourself and let us know what your favourites are?

Spotlight on... Spiced Rum

As our brand is inspired by the fire that burnt down our family farm, the memory of the fire is also reflected in the flavours of our rum. We’ve always been passionate about rum, but felt that the existing spiced rums on the market were universally sweetened with a vanilla base. While these are delicious, and there is absolutely a place for these, we wanted to provide that point of different by creating a truly spicy Spiced rum. 

Walk into any bar or pub as a beer or gin drinker and you can find an array of amazing, small batch drinks; booze that has been created by cool people, with passion and quality ingredients. We believe that you shouldn't have to compromise on those elements because you're a Spiced rum drinker.

Using only the finest spices, no artificial additives or flavourings, we infuse our rum with allspice, chilli, coconut, vanilla and ginger. All these whole spices are hand-roasted in copper vessels on site, producing a punchy, true spiced rum. 

We chose these spices through a process of trial and error - we worked tirelessly to achieve the perfect balance of warming ginger, toasted coconut, fiery chilli and sweet vanilla. Luckily, co-founder Harry is a keen cook and has a good understanding of flavours, helping us craft the perfect taste for our rum. 

Now autumn is fast approaching, a bottle of Spiced Rum that is actually spicy will be sure to keep you warmed up on those cold nights. 

Perfect with ginger ale, cola, in a cocktail or by itself with a little ice.  Enjoy!

Our Top Six Mixers

We all love a Rum cocktail - a Daiquiri, a Long Island Iced Tea, a Mojito - but sometimes there just isn’t the time to whip out the cocktail shaker or go down to your favourite bar. Our Burning Barn Rum is incredibly delicious by itself or with your favourite mixer. So let’s take a look at our top 6 mixers for rum.
  1. Ginger Ale.
    We know - you expected the number one spot to be Cola, but trust us. Ginger ale perfectly compliments the fiery heat of our Spiced Rum and flawlessly balances the unique flavour of our Smoked Rum. Add a squeeze of fresh lime and this long drink will titillate your taste buds and leave you refreshed. Our personal recommendation would be Fever Tree’s Ginger Ale.
  2. Cola.
    Well of course, we couldn’t leave this one out altogether. Cola is easily the most famous rum mixer, and for a reason. The drink has a long history, dating from the the early 20th century when mixologists first used Coke in a Cuba Libre. The sweetness of the coke undoubtedly matches the natural sweetness from the sugarcane rum is distilled from. Our Spiced rum adds a fiery kick to this familiar drink that you definitely need to try. We would recommend using Square Root Cola.
  3. Tonic.
    Everyone’s heard of Gin and Tonic, but have you tried rum instead of gin? This zingy drink goes well with a little lime juice and has a sweeter flavour than the classic G&T. Give it a try, and let us know what you think. We would suggest using Double Dutch tonic.
  4. Long Tail Mixers.
    Long Tail make three zesty, flavourful mixers that are specifically designed for dark spirits. If you’re not a fan of tonic water, why not give these a try instead? Their range includes a Blood Orange flavoured mixer, an Island Spice flavour that is more botanical, and a Ginger Lime with chai. We’re sure you’ll like them as much as we do.
  5. Hot Chocolate.
    This indulgent drink is perfect for cuddling up next to the fire in autumn and winter. Add a few marshmallows and some whipped cream and you have the perfect evening. The hand-roasted spices in our BBR Spiced Rum work perfectly with this chocolaty drink, or use our Smoked rum and dunk in a malted milk to create what is, effectively, a liquid smore. Lucky you.
  6. Ice.
    All our Burning Barn Rum really needs is a little ice for a smooth, complex tipple. Take a sip and see for yourself!
Let us know your favourites in our comments!

National Rum Day!

Happy National Rum Day to all rum drinkers! 

We figured this would be a great day to launch our new blog and tell you more about all things Burning Barn Rum. We’re so proud of how far we’ve come in such a short space of time, and to celebrate this wonderful rum-filled day, we thought we’d take a look at all the different ways you can easily celebrate rum at home. 

Rum is such a versatile spirit - White Rum, Spiced Rum, our special BBR Smoked Rum, and many other varieties to explore. So why not try out a few of these ideas and have some fun with rum?


1. Treat yourself to a new type of rum.

After the rise of craft beer and craft gin, the craft rum industry is growing and becoming more popular, and the variety of spirits on offer is only increasing. If you haven’t tried our Burning Barn Smoked Rum, (the first UK made Smoked Rum) then pick up a bottle today and expand your way of thinking when it comes to this complex spirit.


2. Try out that cocktail recipe you’ve always wanted to make at home, we promise that it’s simpler than you think. 

Did you know that a daiquiri is only made up of your rum of choice, some simple syrup and lime juice? If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, don’t worry! You can use any watertight container like a water bottle or a jam jar. Or maybe you want to try something a little more complex, you can check out our Perfect Serves and try your hand at some mixology. For a perfect long drink, just use ginger ale as your mixer with some BBR, poured over ice, with a wedge of lime to make it fancy, and enjoy!

3. Impress your friends by adding a rum based twist to your baking. 

Add a few drops of BBR Spiced Rum to your brownie batter to really enhance those chocolate flavours and add a spicy kick to your regular brownies. Try out some rum in your french toast mix and really spice up your morning. Whatever you like! There’s so much you can do with dark rum to add an exciting and unique flavour to your desserts.

Let us know if you try out any of these ideas by tagging us in your photos, or by using the hashtag #BurningBarnRum, and have a great National Rum Day!