3 Years later...

Three years ago, on the 26th September 2015, a tragedy occurred on the family farm. A huge fire erupted in the barn that housed the family business - after twenty years of building the business up, there was nothing left but a haze of smoke and embers. The column of black smoke soon filled the sky and led to the diversion of flights from Birmingham International Airport as it quickly blocked the flight path.  

Upcoming Events

We have some really exciting events lined up for the coming months! Here at BBR, we are so passionate about our rum so we love meeting like-minded people that we can share our enthusiasm for this tasty tipple with. We love seeing people taste our Smoked and Spiced rum for the first time so make sure you come along. The details are all below; you have no excuse!  

Delicious Foods to Complement our Rum

With the rising interest in craft spirits, food pairings with popular tipples like gin- nicknamed ginstronomy- are making a name for themself. Now rum sales are reaching new heights, it’s high time food pairings with rum became more well-known. Rum and Sugar, a Canary Wharf based restaurant have been matching rum cocktails to their menu for years. So why not whip out your rum collection and host a rum themed dinner party with some of these magical food matches?

Spotlight on... Spiced Rum

As our brand is inspired by the fire that burnt down our family farm, the memory of the fire is also reflected in the flavours of our rum. We’ve always been passionate about rum, but felt that the existing spiced rums on the market were universally sweetened with a vanilla base. While these are delicious, and there is absolutely a place for these, we wanted to provide that point of different by creating a truly spicy Spiced rum. 

National Rum Day!

Happy National Rum Day to all rum drinkers out there! We figured this would be a great day to launch our new blog and tell you more about all things Burning Barn Rum. We’re so proud of how far we’ve come in such a short space of time, and to celebrate this wonderful rum-filled day, we thought we’d take a look at all the different ways you can easily celebrate rum at home.